Buy Now for Stripe

Reliable & Secure Credit Card Payments For WordPress

Important Note:

We have released Significant Upgrade to Buy Now for Stripe called Buy Now Plus.

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Buy Now Plus will allow you to create Buy Now Buttons that can be used anywhere … on your WordPress website … or Facebook, Twitter, Email or anywhere else you can post a link.

As such we have disabled new signups for Buy Now for Stripe … but current users will be able to continue using their legacy Buy Now for Stripe buttons as long as they wish. We’ll continue to provide updates to the plugin and service … but we certainly recommend using Buy Now Plus instead if you want to take advantage of all the new features and future enhancements!

Upgrade to MemberPress

Buy Now for Stripe & Buy Now Plus will let you charge credit cards very easily and reliably … But if you want to do this and more (without the additional per-transaction fee) you’ll want to check out our commercial Membership plugin MemberPress.

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Upgrading to MemberPress will enable you to:

  1. Build Rock-Solid Membership Sites
  2. Charge Credit Cards securely from your website using Stripe, PayPal &
  3. Sell & protect access to your content and digital downloads
  4. Create and manage payment subscriptions